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Contact details

Name: Julia Lewis

Phone Number: 07780837466


To offer you a safe and ethical hypnotherapy service, I need to hold certain personal information from the point of our initial contact, until after our hypnotherapy sessions have ended. Your security is important to me, and I will take every precaution to keep all information shared with me safe and secure and only use it for the purpose it was given to me.

The type of personal information I collect from clients

I collect the following personal information:

Some of this information is categorised as ‘sensitive’, which means I am legally required to take strong measures to protect your confidentiality.

How I get your personal information and why I have it

I obtain your personal information via the following means:

GDPR states that there must be a lawful basis for processing personal data. I collect this data initially to allow me to fulfil a contract between myself as a Clinical Hypnotherapist involved in the provision of a healthcare service to you, the client.

How your personal information will be stored

Storage methods:

Client Paper records - are stored in a secure location in a locked cabinet or safe. I use a bag with a lock to transport documents to sessions where required. Except for the initial face-to-face meeting, client contact forms are stored separately from client case notes and linked via a unique client code.

Client Phone – phone contacts are stored on a smart phone protected via passcode / facial recognition and to which only I have access. I will store your telephone number for the duration of our work then delete this from my phone.

Client SMS / Text – your telephone number may be stored in my SMS if we exchange messages this way and held on the phone’s SMS app. I will delete these from the phone on completion of our work. Any messages that relate to our hypnotherapy work, e.g., confirmation of reading the therapy agreement or linked to session content, will be stored either in electronic encryptable format or as paper documents.

Continuum-Hypnosis Website – none of your data is collected by my website. You can choose to contact me directly via the contact information held on my website site.

Client Email – your email address will be stored in my secure encryptable email account when you contact me. Any email messages related to our hypnotherapy work, e.g., confirmation of reading the therapy agreement, privacy policy, or shared information sheets sent to you, will be stored either in electronic encryptable format or as paper documents.

Video/Audio Recordings - any videos or audio recordings I make will be stored on a local password protected hard drive.

Payment details (Bank Transfer) - If you (or someone on your behalf) choose to pay for a session by bank transfer, then my bank will record the transactions, and these will appear on my bank statements.

Documents that I will hold:



*nb: Recording sessions, in person or online, requires the explicit consent of both the therapist and client. To do so without such an agreement will be considered a breach of this privacy agreement.

How may I share your personal information

Clinical Supervision


Sharing in cases of legal obligation

Sharing in cases of public interest

Sharing to third-party recipients

Third Party Platforms and software

How long will I keep your information

Your rights

Under GDPR, 2018 guidelines you have the following rights:


If you have any concerns about how I use your personal data, then please contact me at .

You can also complain to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) if you are unhappy with how your personal information is treated.

The ICO’s address is:

  • Information Commissioner’s Office
  • Wycliffe House
  • Water Lane
  • Wycliffe House
  • Wilmslow
  • Cheshire, SK9 5AF
  • Helpline number: 0303 123 1113
  • ICO website:

Changes to privacy notice

This privacy notice may be updated from time to time, so please check occasionally for any updates.

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